We present a catalog of galaxy cluster artists, selected through their Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) effect signature in the first 720 degree of the south pole telescope called RW9. Soaring through the light bulbs, with rhythm and colors. In search of house music, travelling through night and day and night and day and night and day. To get lost is destiny. Emotional peanut allergies might occur. We report rare cases of spectroscopic redshifts for the remaining candidates dancing. It's a pretty story about open minds, inexistent boundaries and nebulous encounters. Adding the cluster data to CMB + BAO + H 0 data leads to a preference for balloons to fly above cactuses. Note: Charlotte hates war.
You can buy tickets here. Use the ticketcode «rw9». Please be aware that we’re only selling tickets for the whole 4 days. Tickets are available until 20 June 2018. There will be a box office at the entrance, where we’ll sell remaining tickets. Have your tickets ready upon arrival. No ticket, no entry.
Festival coaches from Zurich
We offer busses to the venue leaving Zurich on Thursday, 21 June and Friday, 22 June 2018. Please find a detailed schedule and tickets here.

Place of departure in Zurich: We meet at the bus parking area Sihlquai next to Zurich main station. Be on time and have your tickets ready. The ride takes approx. 6 hours including a short break.
All busses depart back to Zurich on Sunday, 24 June between 15.00-18.00h.

Please note that we won’t sell any coach tickets on both departure dates (at the bus stations).

There are train connections all the way to the town called Étang where our castle is located. No matter if you come from Zürich, Basel, Paris or Lyon etc.

How it works:
1. TGV from Zurich/Bern/Basel to Dijon  

2. Train Express Régional (TER) direction “Nevers” on platform A until Étang. (Zürich > Étang 3h45min / Basel > Étang 2h45min)

From the train station in Étang, it’s a 25 minutes walk to the castle/venue. We’ll organise a shuttle for you, if drop us a message at upon your arrival. Let us know before Wednesday, 20 June 2018.
It’s a 5 hours car ride from Zürich to the festival, we only have 60 spaces for cars! Share, or go greener by taking the train or bus. The price for four days of parking is 15.00 EUR – First come, first serve. There is also a large parking lot in the village close to the post office.

Feed your tom or siri with the following information:
Chateau de Fougerette
Lieu Dit Fougerette
F-71190 Étang-sur-Arroux

If you arrive by car, please make sure the designated drivers are sober and fit to drive!


Lyon, Geneva, Basel and Paris are the closest airports. Use connection trains to get to Étang-sur-Arroux in less than 3 hours. You can book your train tickets here.